Spring Cleaning for Your Honda

Spring is finally here in Olympia, WA! This is the perfect time to give your car a thorough cleaning. Cold, wet winters take a toll on your vehicle’s interior and exterior, so it’s important to get your vehicle ready for the warm months ahead. We’ll help you make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the heat, from a service and cleanliness perspective.

Clean the Interior

Most drivers are hard on the interior of their vehicle through the winter. Spring is a good time to clean up any debris, carefully vacuum carpets, and clean any surfaces with the correct cleaner. If you have any questions about what to use on the materials in the interior of your car, contact Capitol City Honda at 360-754-7721. For example, you’ll want to be careful what you use on any leather seats in yoru vehicle. We’ll help you choose the right products to make the inside of your Honda shine.

Refresh the Exterior

In this case, good old soap and water works better than most drive thru car washes. Be sure to use a soft cloth that won’t damage your paint and change it out often to avoid scratching your surface with debris. Don’t forget your tires and wheels! Once you’re done washing, be sure to add shine by drying off your vehicle with a dry, soft cloth.

Check for Any Maintenance Needed

Outside of cleaning, spring is also a great time to check for any simple maintenance that needs to be done on your car after the rough winter months. For example, make sure your windshield wipers aren’t worn down, your tires are properly inflated, and that it’s not time for an oil change. You’ll also want to make sure your air conditioning is working before you actually need it. If you need any maintenance, call the expert service technicians at Capitol City Honda to schedule service.

Residents of the Olympia area have trusted Capitol City Honda’s sales and service departments more than 45 years. Come discuss your spring cleaning and maintenance needs with our Honda experts this year. We look forward to keeping your Honda looking and running great! 

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