Get an Oil Change at Capitol City Honda

One of the easiest and most valuable things you can do for your Honda is regular oil changes. At Capitol City Honda we use only Honda Genuine Parts and Factory Trained Technicians. If you want your Honda to last, take it to the Honda experts "Keep It Genuine". Why is an oil change important? Read on to find out. 

Oil Reduces Friction

One of motor oil’s primary jobs is to lubricate. Your engine is made up of many metal parts rubbing together. Without proper lubrication, you’ll have metal on metal that can lead your engine parts to break down quickly and require expensive repairs. Having plenty of good, clean oil in your vehicle helps keep the engine lubricated and running efficiently.

Oil Reduces Heat

Motor oil also absorbs heat. As you can imagine, your engine gets very hot when you’re driving. Motor oil pulls the heat away from the important parts of your engine so that they don’t become overheated, which can lead to damage that can be costly.

Maintenance Minder Vehicles

Most newer Honda's have the maintenance minder system. This system displays letters and numbers in your mileage display (as well as a yellow wrench symbol) to alert you to the service that is recommended by American Honda. It is important to note that the maintenance minder system continually takes snapshots of your driving habits and determines when it is best to have your service completed. This will vary by each individuals driving habits. American Honda recommends changing your oil at least once a year regardless of mileage.

Express Service

At our dealership, no appointment is necessary for an oil change. Just come visit us in Olympia, WA at our expanded service facility. We look forward to keeping your vehicle Honda Genuine.

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