Preparing Your Vehicle for Holiday Travel

Preparing Your Vehicle for Holiday Travel

Are you planning to hit the road with family this holiday season? If so, Capitol City Honda is available to help you with all your vehicle maintenance needs. Here are some things we strongly recommend you do before you take off on your trip.

Get a tire inspection
Make sure your tires are properly inflated and have plenty of tread, especially if you’ll be driving in inclement weather conditions. Temperature changes affect your tire pressure so you might want to check a few times on your trip if you’re traveling through multiple climates. If you find that you need a new set of tires before your trip, Olympia is ready to help.

Have your brakes inspected
Your brakes are possibly the most important safety feature on your vehicle and need proper care, especially before a long trip. At our service center in Olympia, we can check your brake fluids, pads, and more. We’ll make any repairs or replacements necessary quickly.

Change your windshield wipers
This is often overlooked maintenance. Don’t find out that it’s been too long between windshield wiper changes when you try to use them in rain, sleet, or snow. Get a new set before hitting the road. It’s important to remember that your windshield wipers should be changed about every six months.

Have your battery tested
Batteries don’t last forever and you don’t want yours to give out on your trip. Bring your vehicle to our service center to have your battery tested and the terminals cleaned before you head out. We’ll even replace your battery quickly if needed.

To schedule your service, fill out our online form or call 360-754-7721. We look forward to making sure you have a safe and enjoyable road trip.

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