Why Buying New Can Be More Affordable Than Used

If you’re at a crossroads between purchasing either a new or a used car, you may be tempted to pick the latter to afford more stylistic bang for the buck. As everyone knows, used cars are typically more affordable upfront, however, buying new can often be less costly over-time. Here’s why.

Differing Interest Rates

You have to think about the long-run expenses too when making the right choice. Although it does not seem like it, new cars can be just as affordable as pre-owned vehicles. Over time, the amount of money spent buying and maintaining a used car adds up, making the prices between the two balance out. There are other options, such as leasing, that can be considered when buying a new car if you don’t have much cash to put down for up-front payments.

Reliability is Crucial

Reliability should be a top concern when looking to purchase a vehicle. It is likely for a new car to be more reliable than a used one. Vehicle technology is usually updated each time a new model comes out, therefore increasing safety and maintenance features. Although purchasing a new car may cause you to burn a little more cash, getting from point A to point B without hassle is assured.

Know the Real Costs

After purchasing a used vehicle, a few repairs may have to be taken into consideration. Repairs can quickly become quite costly and even add up to outweigh the value of the used car itself! Expenses may also have to be paid out of your pocket as many used vehicles don’t come with a warranty. Like stated earlier, think about long-run costs when purchasing a vehicle. This is VERY important.

A Second Home

Many day-to-day actions, such as driving your kids to school or yourself to work, are done using your car. You are expected to feel comfortable and safe when in your vehicle since for many people it is like a second home. With this in mind, why just purchase a vehicle because it has a good price? You should look for a vehicle which has features that make both you and your family happy. The choices are endless, such as pre-collision detection or a built in backseat TV for your children. Try finding a vehicle which suit both your wants and needs since most people own their car for many years.

Gas Expenses

Gas prices continuously fluctuate. When looking at vehicles it is a great practice to look at their fuel economy in order to determine how much money it would take to fill its tank. Usually, older models can be less fuel-efficient than newer ones. Therefore, it would probably be best to look at new vehicles if you want to find a car with excellent gas mileage! While keeping this in mind, you should always research your options to see if you are actually saving when buying pre-owned.

Now that you know some of the benefits of purchasing new instead of used, see if any of our new Honda cars excite you! You can also visit Capitol City Honda in Olympia or call us at Olympia for any additional information. Our staff would be happy to help!

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Why Buying New Can Be More Affordable Than Used