Why Trade in Your Current Vehicle

So, you’re on the market for a new vehicle, but what about your current one? There are a few different options you have, but the best is a trade-in. A trade-in involves the dealer “buying” your vehicle and taking ownership. This can work whether or not you’ve paid off your vehicle, depending on the trade-in value. Just to clarify, the trade in price of your vehicle depends on a few factors—the condition of the vehicle, the dealer’s inventory, and the chance that your vehicle will sell are the main ones.

Here at Capitol City Honda, we will always offer you honest pricing on your trade-in. We treat our customers like family and when you work with us, you’ll feel like you’re getting the best deal! Here are a few reasons why you should consider trading in your current vehicle.

Selling privately could be a bigger hassle

While you always have the option to sell your vehicle yourself, it can take up a lot of time and stress. When selling your own car, you’re often posting on various sites online, spending time responding to potential buyers, and allowing people to test drive. At Capitol City Honda, we know that our customers’ lives are busy enough, and they shouldn’t need to handle selling their own vehicles on top of everything else! Let us take care of everything for you instead. 

You still owe money on your current vehicle

Owing money on your car when you want to trade it in is not uncommon. When you sell the car yourself, this can be an issue because you need to figure out the payoff amount and numerous other things to make it happen. Trading your car in with a dealer is much easier because it happens so often. Dealerships know how to handle everything behind the scenes when it comes to trade-ins. We know that you can’t always pay off your loan before its time to sell your car, so this is definitely the next best thing!

You can get through the process much quicker

If you’re ready to drive away in your new vehicle as soon as possible, a trade-in could be perfect for you. Some people like to go through the process much more quickly than others. Whichever your preference is, we are ready to work with you! If you’re already secure in the new car you want, it’s very possible that you can get a trade-in offer and drive away in your new vehicle the same day.   

Are you ready to get started? Call us at 800-594-2956 or contact us online today! We also have a useful online tool to get you an instant trade-in offer. Just fill in your information here to get started. We can’t wait to help guide you through the trade-in and purchasing processes!

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Why Trade in Your Current Vehicle