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Decoding Your Dashboard Warning Lights

When yellow or red lights appear on your dashboard, you may start to panic.

There are built computers in each vehicle to track the overall performance. When there’s something abnormal detected, the computer sends a diagnostic code that symbolizes the potential issue. You can usually find out what your dashboard warning light is trying to tell you by consulting your owner’s manual. The staff here at Capitol City Honda is here to help as well.

Find out what the most common warning lights mean below.

  • Check Engine
    This light indicates that something is wrong with emissions control. Avoid high speeds and see a dealer as soon as possible. 

  • Charging System
    This symbol indicates that the battery is not charging. See a service specialist immediately for help.

  • Tire Pressure
    This indicates that tire pressure is low. Inspect all four tires and use a tire gauge.

  • Transmission Temperature
    In most circumstances, this means your transmission is being exposed to excessive heat. If you’re unsure of the required temperature, ask us or check your car's manual.

  • Low Fuel
    This icon indicates that your fuel is low and you should hit a gas station as soon as possible. If this is blinking, it indicates a problem with the fuel gague. You should schedule service.

  • Low Oil
    This indicates that the oil pressure in your engine is low. Stop as soon as possible to check your oil levels. 

  • Washer Fluid Reminder
    It’s not something that needs immediate attention but if you want the light to go off immediately, you need to fill with washer fluid.

  • Antilock Brake Warnin g
    If this light stays on your dashboard, the anti-lock brake system will not fully engage when the brakes are applied due to possible loss of power.

  • Maintenance Minder
    This means that your vehicle is due for it's scheduled maintenance. See the specialists at Capitol City Honda to schedule an appointment.

If you need more clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact our service specialists at Capitol City Honda. You can also stop by our location in Olympia, @data.dealestate.